Why choose Meneau?


10 reasons to choose Meneau

  • Authenticity

    Founded in 1879, Meneau uses its know-how in assembling the best quality products - sugar from exotic islands and fruit from the Aquitaine region - for an authentic traditional taste.
  • Meneau loves fruits, real fruits!

    Fruits selected by Maison Meneau are harvested according to the season and when ripe so that all flavours are fully developed, making Maison Meneau beverages even tastier!
  • Let’s protect our health!

    Maison Meneau syrups and juices, with a variety of flavours, are produced without any additives, preservatives, colouring agents or flavour enhancers. They keep all their nutrients, are rich in vitamins and are good for the health.
  • Let’s protect our planet!

    The choice of a packaging in glass bottles enables the production process be less energy-consuming and end life recycling contributes to the preservation of our environment. Let's recycle!
  • A complete range

    Maison Meneau offers a complete range of organic beverages: syrups, tea syrups, fruit juices, smoothies, ice tea, lemonade... Let's discover!
  • Naturally organic

    Eating and drinking organic, it's choosing an healthy way of life which contributes to the development of our environment. Maison Meneau understand it ! All the ingredients used in Maison Meneau syrups and juices come from organic farming.
  • A guaranteed quality

    Maison Meneau makes sure you get quality and healthy products thanks to a rigorous selection of ingredients used in the recipes and the ISO 9001 certification and the organic farming label. Maison Meneau works with complete transparency to preserve your health and our environment.
  • Innovation

    The company is continuously searching for new flavours, new consumer styles and is successfully providing consumers with what they are expecting - truthful and reassuring information.
  • A few delicious ideas

    Rediscover the pleasure of genuine and authentic tastes in cocktails, topping... For breakfast, tea or dessert, a spoonful of mint or grenadine syrup can replace sugar in yoghurt or milk and enhance flavours.

  • Fair trade, United and Responsible

    Meneau adopted a fair trade approach by buying the organic and fair trade cane sugar to an argicultural cooperative of Paraguay. Syrups are certified ESR by Ecocert since 2011.

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