Traditional recipes for syrups and caramels

For more than a century, Maison Meneau offers in its recipes the best the nature can provide.

Assembling the best origin sugars and fruits

Maison Meneau rigorously selects all its ingredients for the production of syrups and fruit juices.

Fruit is harvested according to the seasons, when it is ripe so that all the flavours can develop. Maison Meneau syrups and juices are thus tastier and keep all their vitamins for optimal nutritional benefit. Flavours in the recipes are perfectly balanced.

A regional location

Founded in 1879, in the port of Bordeaux, Maison Meneau is implicated in the development of the Aquitaine region.

Located in Saint Loubès, in the heart of Entre Deux Mers country, Maison Meneau perpetuates the tradition where the pleasure of taste presides.
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