Combining the pleasure of good taste and good health: in the quest for a perfect balance.

Responsibility, authenticity and quality are the fundamental values applied by Vincent and Philippe Lassalle Saint-Jean by opting for organic farming.

Sharing, precautionary principles and innovation are the commitments made by Maison Meneau to support sustainable development

Syrups, fruit juices, smoothies, kitchen aids, Maison Meneau sells a wide range of delicious-tasting products, dedicated to delight the pleasure of taste, responding to both quality and know-how.

The company is continuously searching for new flavours, new consumer styles and is successfully providing consumers with what they are expecting - truthful and reassuring information.

Leader in the specialised field of organic syrups, Maison Meneau would like to extend its offer of high quality certified organic products for its syrups, fruit juices and refreshing drinks, to as many people as possible.

From soil to flavours, Maison Meneau is engaged in respecting the planet and its occupants.

Manger et boire Bio,
un geste pour l'homme
et la plan├Ęte.