The Organic Farming & Fair Trade commitments

"Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection." extracts from Article 23 of the Declaration of the Human rights.

On the basis of this principle Maison Meneau decides to be a committed and responsible actor

So that an end product can profit from the organic farming label (AB label in France), the regulation stipulates that its final composition must comprise at least 95% of agricultural products resulting from the organic farming. Maison Meneau decided that 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin entering the composition of its products are organic.

It also contracted a partnership in fair trade on the equitable organic russet-red cane sugar sector in Paraguay. This sector is controlled according to reference frame ESR, for exchanges, Equitable, United, and Responsible. It is more than 210 producers of cooperative ASOCACE (Asociación de Cañicultores Orgánicos de la Zona Central) who cultivate biological sugar cane and on the spot sell it with the factory of the FELSINA which transforms it into sugar (see certificates and reference frame in appendices).

Maison Meneau thus supplies its sugar at an equitable price with this factory which covers the manufacturing costs, the environmental and social costs and leaving a margin for the investment.


- to be in accordance with the regulation of the Organic farming ;

- to solve by a contract commitments with the local producers where are mentioned the duration of the contract, the qualitative/quantitative commitment, modes of payment…

- to provide a technical assistance and a help to the permanent framing in the respect of the cultures and the local traditions ;

- to ensure 3 years a contractual guaranteed minimum price allowing a right remuneration of the producers ;

- to guarantee the respect of the elementary and fundamental rights of the person ;

- to develop a sustainable agriculture and a maintenance of local fabric ;

- to define with the local producers their needs and to allocate a development fund necessary to these needs ;

- to improve the production structure of the cooperative so that it adapts its production equipments and its products according to the market demand.

A guaranteed quality in constant improvement.

Maison Meneau ensures you of the products of quality and healthy of share the rigorous selection of the ingredients using the composition of its drinks and its certifications. It has a completely transparent approach to preserve your health and our environment.

With regard to its raw materials for its products organic, Maison Meneau made the choice not to be supplied in citric acid, in white sugar flavors nonorganic nor. On the contrary it selects organic russet-red cane sugar and takes very particular care of the selection of the origins and varieties of its fruits organic. Quality before the price!

Maison Meneau invests annually for the improvement of its products hygiene quality, for novelty, and the improvement search of the work conditions of its employees while working on the ergonomics of the work stations and their environment. It is signatory also of the Charter of diversity in company.

Maison Meneau engaged in 2011...

in the consistency of the organization of the company and production equipment, the upgrade of the system of management to fulfill the requirements of excellence of the products which it set, by associating the collaborators in a approach gaining - winner. This approach being certifiable in the long term according to the reference frame ISO 22000.