Liquid sugars and caramels


Liquid sugars

Our sugar syrups, still called liquid sugars in the trade, are made from dissolving sugar powder in water. Batches of cold sugar are heated in hot water for 7 minutes to dissolve the sugar crystals. The liquid, now 67% dry ingredient, is filtered three times without interruption to make it pure and shiny.
All our liquid sugars (beet, white cane, brown, organic…) are prepared according to these principles in our workshops certified ISO 9001/2000 and Ecocert for organic products.
For information, we produce 29 000 litres of syrup per day.


Agave comes directly from Mexico (import licence from the Ministry of Agriculture). Cultivated in the region of Jalisco, agave syrup comes from tall plants which resemble the yucca and whose sap is also used to make tequila. To extract it, first the agave leaves are removed with the plant is between 7 and 10 years old. The producers then remove the centre, called "la pina" which looks like a giant pineapple. The juice is extracted, filtered and heated at low temperature to transform the carbohydrate into sugar.


LMeneau caramels are obtained by controlled heating of saccharose sometimes with the use of catalysts. Meneau sells two types of caramel, colouring caramel and flavouring caramel. The former serve to add colour to brandies, drinks and other foods and the latter generally serve to flavour pastries, desserts or cooked dishes.
They are available in 5 or 25 kg tubs, 270 kg barrels or 1000 kg containers and larger quantities in tanks.

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