Organic smoothies


Try a new way of enjoying fruit thanks to this mini-sized bottle. As smooth as its name suggests and full of flavour, it contains 100% fruit for 100% pleasure. Creamy and delicious, they consist of 100% fruit for 100% pleasure. A smoothie provides your daily intake of 5 fruits and vegetables a day as recommended by the French National Plan for Health and Nutrition.

At work or at school, any time is smoothie time! Low in calories but rich in vitamins, this tasty pulp drink is an easy way to enjoy a healthy snack. Available in 25cl glass bottles.

See all the flavours for organic smoothies

  • apple blueberry
    apple blueberry

  • pineapple banana
    pineapple banana

  • rapsberry pear
    rapsberry pear

  • mango passion fruit
    mango passion fruit

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