Organic and fair trade cane sugar syrups BARISTA range

Through its organic and fair trade syrups BARISTA range with cane sugar, Maison Meneau offers you the best authentic flavours which will accompany perfectly your various desserts and cocktails.

Natural organic fruit flavours, organic and fair trade brown sugar of South America, traditional recipes which are full of fruity flavours…
Taste the difference!

Maison Meneau has created a variety of flavours for syrups without chemical residues, additives, preservatives or taste enhancers and without any colouring agents.

Maison Meneau chose that 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin entering the final composition of its products are organic. It also contracted a partnership in Fair Trade on the equitable organic russet-red cane sugar sector in Paraguay. This sector is controlled according to reference frame ESR, for exchanges, Equitable, United, and Responsible.

A glass of water with a dash of syrup is 100% pleasure for one of the least sweetened drinks on the market.

See all the organic and fair trade syrups with cane sugar BARISTA range

  • caramel

  • hazelnut

  • vanilla

  • coconut