Organic and fair trade tea syrups


Maison Meneau reinvents tea!

Maison Meneau selects teas from famous origins which are infused in caldrons according to traditional methods to preserve all the flavours and exotic aromas.

Maison Meneau chose that 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin entering the final composition of its products are organic. It also contracted a partnership in Fair Trade on the equitable organic russet-red cane sugar sector in Paraguay. This sector is controlled according to reference frame ESR, for exchanges, Equitable, United, and Responsible.

Try them!

Maison Meneau tea syrups can be served like tea - a hot drink full of flavours or iced for a refreshing break.

Tea syrups will pep up a strawberry fruit salad, a yoghurt or a vanilla ice cream, adding originality and a refined touch. Give free rein to your imagination!

See all the flavours for organic and fair trade tea syrups

  • green tea with Nanah mint
    green tea with Nanah mint

  • green tea with peach
    green tea with peach